Wikipedia and Dr. Linder Comparison

Even though Wikipedia is not a truly reliable source, as others can update it at any time, it is always an interesting place to start when you don’t know much about the subject. When I began my research on Leopold and Loeb, my first stop was the Wikipedia page on the two. The page is lengthy, containing multiple sections that can be narrowed down to: early life, their shared beliefs that brought them to perform this crime, the trial itself, their death and the popular culture items that have come about through their influence. The primary sources I have found thus far do agree with the ‘Confession’ section of the article when it describes the back and forth blaming of the other person on who actually struck the killing blow on Bobby Franks. The site does put a little more emphasis on the ‘sexual’ relationship that Leopold and Loeb had that I have not been able to truly identify through any sources that I found.

On Dr. Linder’s site, there is a plethora of information about the trial. One thing that I have noticed reading the trial account on the site is that the relationship between Leopold and Loeb is slightly different from the Wikipedia page. Dr. Linder states that Loeb was the one to truly instigate the crime more than Leopold, who only complied “to please Dick.”┬áThe Leopold and Loeb Wikipedia page, and another secondary source that I found, explained that the car the young men used to kidnap Bobby Franks was a rental car under an alias of Leopold, a ‘Morton D. Ballard’; the Linder account doesn’t make note of this, only saying that the car was a ‘Willys-Knight’. A lovely thing that Dr. Linder has on his site is the many pictures that he has littered throughout the site, ranging from a map of where the murder took place to Leopold being released from prison 32 years later.

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