Pulling together the Timeline

A Timeline is one of the many ways to illustrate the passing of chronological events. Unfortunately, finding events that would both illustrate the entirety of the Leopold and Loeb case but still keep it brief for the sake of the modern day attention span is a little more difficult. Where I want to start though is the crime itself and I have a map of the crime itself that I can link to the timeline for one of the beginning events. This was the event that started everything so I will most likely use this as the first point on my timeline.

Map of the day Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb kidnapped and killed Robert ‘Bobby’ Franks.

The next event I want to illustrate is the day they were arrested, May 31st, 1924, and the image that would illustrate this the best would the an image of Nathan Leopold’s horn-rimmed glasses, the object that led the police straight to them. As there was only one distributor of the particular hinge, it was a very important discovery in solving the case.

The horn-rimmed glasses that sealed Leopold and Loeb’s fate.

The next event in my timeline would have to be setting the day of their trial which Maurine Watkins wrote would be August 4th in her article in the Chicago Tribune on June 12, 1924. Their initial plea was ‘Not Guilty’ but after some discussion with their lawyer, Clarence Darrow, it would soon change to guilty to avoid the Death Penalty, which Darrow was an outspoken opponent of.

Watkins, M. (1924, Jun 12). LEOPOLD, LOEB TRIAL SET FOR MONDAY, AUG. 4.Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963) Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.mutex.gmu.edu/docview/180568898?accountid=14541

Possibly one of the last events, though that is up for debate at the moment, would be the sentencing hearing of Leopold and Loeb. Even though they were sentenced to life and an additional 99 years on September 10th, 1924, Leopold and Loeb walked out of the courtroom smiling as they had avoided the ‘noose’, the death penalty.

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