Final Project Visualizations

It’s taken me a lot of thinking to find out what I wanted to do but I think I’ve figured it out. With me using the Chicago Homicide Database as one of my sources, the data there is great for making a bar graph for the gender and races of those who have successfully received NGRI, short for Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, verdicts. The hardest thing about using this visualization is trying to figure out what colors for the bars are the best for it. For right now, I’ve put Whites as red to emphasize the increased amount of them compared to Blacks and the Unknown race. I’ll need to decide what the other two should be before the project is due.

For my second visualization, I wanted to use a Story Map to bolster my argument that Leopold and Loeb were not insane to the degree that they claimed to be. The information for this Story Map would be from the University of Minnesota Law Library pdf file that brings together a lot of information about the Leopold and Loeb trial. Using the Story Map, I wanted to show the degree to where they planned their kidnapping and murder scheme. I kept to the same color palate as my midterm timeline to make it look like an old time movie; a colored cover with the rest of the slides being a grey-ish color.

Hannon, Michael. “Leopold and Loeb Case (1924).” University of Minnesota Law Library. Accessed September 15, 2017.

“Homicide In Chicago 1870-1930.” Homicide in Chicago 1870-1930 :: Homicide In Chicago 1870-1930. Accessed November 08, 2017.

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