Final Project Research Question

Research Question: Were Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb actually insane or were they following an established precedent of white men receiving Not Guilty by reason of insanity verdicts in the 1920s?



“LEOPOLD AND LOEB IN THE ARCHIVES.” Leopold and Loeb Artifacts, University Archives, Northwestern University Library. Accessed November 08, 2017.

This archive contains the psychiatric evaluations of both Leopold and Loeb along with the typed up confession statements of both young men. This source would be incredibly useful in visualizing why they, at first, decided to go for a Not Guilty plea.

“Homicide In Chicago 1870-1930.” Homicide in Chicago 1870-1930 :: Homicide In Chicago 1870-1930. Accessed November 08, 2017.

Database that holds the 11,800+ murders in Cook County Chicago along with the murders that received Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity verdicts. This source shows the different races, genders etc. and the crimes that they were able to walk away from.


Hannon, Michael. “Leopold and Loeb Case (1924).” University of Minnesota Law Library. Accessed September 15, 2017.

The University of Minnesota Law program compiled a large amount of information about the Leopold and Loeb case in order to bring different parts of the trial all together. It contains a large section about the psychiatrists brought in from both sides to examine the defendants’ mental states.

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