History 390 Scavenger Hunt

Question 1: I went to an advanced Google search, searching ‘Unsolved Murders in New York in 1845’ with an additional word being ‘abortion’. I found an article about Edgar Allen Poe writing a short story, called ‘The Mystery of Marie Roget’, about Mary Rogers, a young woman murdered in New York and whose case remains unsolved. Based on the Smithsonian article I found, her death was first attributed to gang violence but on a witness’ death bed, was thought to be receiving an abortion from a young physician and passed away. Premature birth, an early term for abortion, was considered especially dangerous since any mistake can lead to death, like in the climax of the musical Spring Awakening.

Question 2: This time the advanced search didn’t help too much with this one as the main search managed to help me find something. A website called ‘The Vintage News’ had an article about Anne Bonny and her partner Mary Read. Both women on the high seas, these two women would let nothing get in their way. Once they were captured by authorities, the two managed to escape the hangman’s noose by claiming they were pregnant. This kind of plea had to do with religion, as the sins of the parents weren’t passed down to their children. This saved the both of them but Mary Read wouldn’t live long enough to see a long happy life.

Question 3: Virginia built their electric chair in 1908 and the one woman who was executed by it was Virginia Christian. When she was 17, Virginia murdered her boss and on April 16,1912, Virginia was strapped to the chair and electrocuted to death.

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