Chicago Homicide Project Database Research

The Chicago Homicide Project is absolutely huge! Maneuvering through the large number of cases was difficult but finding a question to ask of it is not. Using the database, I wanted to find out the number and kind of crimes that successfully received ‘Not Guilty by reasons of Insanity’ verdicts in the 1920’s. After lots of deleting of rows, I narrowed the database down to only eight people, two women and six men. The most important thing that I wanted to find out which race – white, black etc. – was the one that got away with their crimes with the most. I figured before I even started it was going to white men who had the most and I wasn’t disappointed; out of the the eight successful ‘Not Guilty by reason of insanity’ pleas, four of them were white males. This is interesting to me as the case I have researched for over a month, Leopold and Loeb, had the original plea of ‘Not Guilty by reason of insanity’ before Clarence Darrow changed it to Guilty to avoid the Death Penalty that Prosecutor Crowe wanted.

Race and Gender Chart

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