This was such an interesting project in the fact that I’ve never used this program before so it was a new experience. I’m grateful that Professor Bush had a complete example timeline ready so that it was easy to follow her example. I only broke the program once when, following directions of going row by row in the Google Spreadsheet, was the first day I was working on it and the dates of my project and the previous project on the sheet weren’t associating with each other; it was quite frustrating. Other than that, it was a breeze going through it. The only thing with html programming that I had to look up was how to italicize the titles of movies, Compulsion and Darrow, that I mentioned and that was in the slides given to the class by Professor Bush.

Most of the research for my project had already completed itself as I have been looking into this case since the beginning of the semester. Finding reputable source can be a little difficult in this day and age but I got lucky when I found the University of Minnesota Law Library pdf of the entire case. The file had the dates and times that made picking items for the timeline a little easier. For the specific points, I wanted to pick important dates like the date of the crime itself, when Leopold and Loeb were arrested and numerous trial dates, which ones that was a little more difficult. Though finding primary sources, other than newspaper articles was near impossible; I couldn’t find any! So for this, the pdf from the University of Minnesota became extremely helpful.

I am a little picky with colors so when I had to pick colors for each of my slides, I got really nervous with what I wanted for each one. I originally had thought about making them a dark crimson red as this was a murder trial but that still seemed a bit too bright, especially with the events going into the trial. I then hit the idea of a dark grey. My uncle, since I was little, has loved to show my sisters and I old movies, horror and such, and most of them were black and white. The title slide, still a crimson red from my previous attempt, was almost like the cardboard covering of an old move. Once the ‘story’ began, the pages become a dark grey, like the movies and photographs in the 20s were. By the end of the story, the screen becomes a shade or two brighter because I wanted to show an almost fading away, like the viewer was walking away and the people were melting into the light.

The most annoying thing with finding images was that my trial was in 1924, a year too late for all my images to be truly in the public domain. I searched and searched, finding some in Wikimedia commons that would allow the redistribution of the image. Many of them didn’t have such notices so it was hard to tell. For anyone who asks, I am using these images for an educational purpose and have no intent to harm copyright and free use laws.

All in all, this was a wonderful project and hope to use this program in more of my classes in the future.

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