My name is Kimberly Strong, but just call me Robyn. I am a History Major at George Mason University with a love for Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture.

This project was very different than anything I’ve ever done before. The only similar thing would be the History 300 Appalachian Trail online exhibit I had to do last semester. Coming up with my research question was my first problem because I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to stay with the Leopold and Loeb trial and that I wanted to insert something about their sanity. Their original plea of Not Guilty interested me to the point that I wanted to try something with it. The question only came to me when I was actually typing it into the block of text for the proposal.

I wanted to feel of my website to be like a newspaper. I found the most old-timey font I could that was still legible and looked like it was being typed on an old type writer. I didn’t want the background to be that sickly yellow color like the pictures of old newspapers so I kept it white. For the header image, I worked really hard to just get the eyes of Leopold and Loeb because of the old cliche: the eyes are the window to the soul. I had originally wanted to put the picture of Leopold’s glasses because I believe that was the evidence that had given their entire plot away but the image wouldn’t render into the header the way I wanted it to.

Creating visuals was extremely fun. Having the data from the Chicago Homicide project was so interesting but having the blanks on some of data points were extremely annoying! After switching the data over to Google sheets, my graph of Race and Gender in Insanity pleas came together quite nicely since I knew how to work that a little better than in Excel. The Story Map I made was also fun and much simpler to use than the Timeline, though it was equally as fun to create.

The hardest thing about this project was actually typing it out. I didn’t want to put so much information that the viewer would get bored of scrolling through it. It was difficult finding a balance to actually have the information needed and putting it in a concise way that I didn’t bore my audience.